By Laura Hughes

Published: Liverpool Life 01/02/17


St George’s Hall Winter Ales Festival returned to the city this weekend. The third annual event saw thousands of beer-lovers attend to try over 200 real ales and ciders from microbreweries around the UK.

Liverpool Organic Brewery hosted a hand pull bar and Liverpool Distillery hosted a spirits bar with a collection of local gin, rum, vodka and whisky. As well as enjoying the vast selection of beverages, the patrons of the festival also enjoyed music and food in the grand hall.

Daniel Simpson, beer festival coordinator at Real Ale events, told Liverpool life: “This weekend some of the UK’s best beers from some of the best breweries will be here, regardless of their size it’s the quality of the beer really that shines through. You won’t find big names in general here, instead you’ll find smaller breweries. We try to encourage as many people across the UK as possible to promote their beer here.

“It works both ways, it’s beneficial because we’re giving out great products and the breweries are getting more and more people to try their beers.”

Despite the festival being in dry January, it sold over 4000 tickets, Daniel said: “The problem with this month is that a lot of people are doing dry January so we’re fighting against that a little bit, but the Friday and the Saturday are the really big days, Thursday isn’t quite as busy.”

The iconic Grade 1-listed building provided a great atmosphere for the popular event, Daniel added: “St George’s Hall is the best venue in Liverpool, I don’t see how you can find a better venue, there’s not many things that you could put in here that wouldn’t be good.”

Anne Currie and her husband, from Roby, came along to the festival for their first time, she told Liverpool Life: “I think it’s really good here, there’s much more of a turnout than I expected. We thought we would come, as it’s something to do in the evening when we’ve finished work and as there’s something on in Liverpool, why not! For me I prefer beer to a lager because there’s more flavour to it.”

The festival, sponsored by Morecrofts Solicitors and DSG Accountants, will return in September for its summer festival with the selection of beers on offer being more refreshing and lighter compared to the darker winter ales.